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About Shawn

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Shawn AugustsonMy name is Shawn Augustson. I am the Assistant Golf Professional at Westchester Golf Course in Canal Winchester, OH. I graduated from Keiser University's College of Golf in Port Saint Lucie, FL.  I served 10 years in the US Army where I was injured in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom (2004-2006). Through a program with the Veterans Affairs office I was able to go back to school in order to obtain a new career.

While going through physical therapy at the VA clinic, it was brought to my attention that the motion I needed to make with a medicine ball was similar to a golf swing. Having never really golfed before, and realizing that I would much rather be outside on a golf course than inside a gym tossing around a medicine ball I decided to give golf a try. I quickly fell in love with the game! I spent most of the summer on a little 9 hole golf course located behind the VA clinic trying to go from hole to hole with as little strokes as possible.

Bobby Clampett and Shawn AugustsonOnce I was accepted to the College of Golf, I soaked in everything that I could. I took full advantage of having Golf Digest Top 100 instructors and Master PGA Professionals. I had to study harder, and practice longer than most since golfing was so new to me, but in the spring of 2011 I graduated with honors. While attending school I became an IMPACT ZONE™ Certified Player through Bobby Clampett's Impact Zone Golf. I base my teaching off of what I have learned through the Impact Zone Golf Training System.

Impact Zone Golf was designed to address what Bobby felt the key elements, or facets, to creating dynamic impact at golf’s moment of truth…..  when the club face connects with the ball.  Dynamic impact, which is the hallmark of most professional golfers, is the secret to creating distance and accuracy.   While Dynamics are the cornerstone and the first facet of an integrated approach to golf performance, there are four other facets that are key (#2 Style, #3 Knowledge, #4 Fitness and Health, and #5 Mental Game) .  Engaging all Five Facets creates a holistic approach, which  leads to the most enjoyment, improvement, and ultimately, the best results.